Curatorial Statements


«’THE OTHER HOME’… Next to another home, next to another structure — much like the house that Jack built — we turn together with Planet Earth. We revolve around the Sun which in its rotations, formats people going to sleep around darkness and rising with light of day break to start playing musical instruments, sweeping floors, brushing teeth or just lying back down to think about life.

What a pleasure it is sometimes to ponder life – to stay in bed and consider how particles of chaos form harmony! Such clarity happens on its own without outside help in an inconceivably infinite number of ways. What if we aim a magnifying glass at this to explore it with our eyes? What would we see? A home, another home; yet another… In Moscow, Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Berlin, New York…

A friend once told me as a child he asked to be woken up an hour early so that he would loll in bed and practice reflection. As a curator, I would like for the time spent at CYBERFEST, regardless of the geographic location, to become in fact — that very hour when one would immerse as Fluxus founder George Maciunas stated into ‘a Fusion of Spike Jones, vaudeville, gags, children’s games and Duchamp’ while simultaneously responding to Earth as it slowly rotates on its axis, exposing alternate side to sunrays…»


«’Home Sweet Home’… Parents’ house… My castle and the walls that help.

A modern person changes residences 5 to 10 times during a lifetime, usually using a few simultaneously — often in different countries and climate zones.

Countless numbers of renovations wipe away traces of history, remote or recent, one’s own as indiscriminately as somebody else’s.

The residence is a mirror of the inhabitant’s soul but successful people invite the architect / designer / decorator to arrange the interior for them. In vogue, this could be exotics, high-tech, historicism or vintage – all made to order; purchased in special places.

‘Home Sweet Home’ is a bunch of appliances that chop / whip / fry / steam / warm up / cool down. Tools perhaps designed in Europe while made in Asia help prepare food familiar to us since childhood as proficiently as exotics, fusion or dishes of the molecular gastronomy.

Bedrooms are still often upheld sacrosanct — believed to be the place where people most intimately love, conceive, give birth and die. This is a literary cliche. People love and conceive in all sorts of places. A scenario: on a romantic trip purchased in a travel agency. They give birth at a hospital. They die… Well, let’s leave it at that.

The walls look like a castle less and less and more look like a screen. In order for the setting to help, it is recommended to switch channels. But as a rule, what does this help?

An international person lives in the coordinates: taxi-airport-hotel. They are all different and they are all somebody else’s property. At success, most envy “one’s own” yacht or plane. It seems, modest land has no hold anymore.

A person with means today could buy a castle in Europe or an island in the Pacific Ocean — purchasing history or voiding history.

Between poles of success there are tens of thousands square miles of bedroom communities. Something needs to be done about that.»